Speed Check 1 - Free Universal Network Speed Tester

Speed Check 1 - The Fast Free Universal Online Network Speed Tester

Speed Check 1 only requires JavaScript to run it's test.

Speed Check 1 automatically adjusts to fit on any device screen.

Ultimate Compatibility

Speed Check will work on any device with JavaScript, making it perfect tool to test your online network speeds for devices like the iPhone, XBox One, Playstation 4, Chromebook, Smart TV and more.

Easy to Use

Simply open the web brower on the device and enter "speedcheck1.com" to see your current network speed automatically, quickly and efficiently.

Speed Check 1 requires no special or propriety plug-in installations like Flash, it just works & works well.

Our Mission

Speed Check 1's mission is to help you determine what true speed your internet service provider is providing your device, not just what is advertised, directly on that device.

Speed Check 1 Network Test Results

The Speed Check 1 Results

Please allow time for the tests below to complete, it will automatically run. For more accurate & complete data, please reload and run the test a few times and see if the results are the same.